Andrew Reflects on Day 7

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Time for journaling

I’m a freshman at Bronx Lab, and I came on this trip to escape the Bronx and learn about our history. Also I just like camping. Today was the sixth day of the Ohio Underground Railroad trip.  I’m just wondering why the teachers decided to make me leader on the longest, hilliest day (“He’s a strong rider,” they say; “He’s a good leader,” they say). Anyway, today was ok. It could have been better but Nailea isn’t with us (she should be arriving in NYC as I type), but we made the most of our day. We woke up at 6:00, but I woke up at 6:15. There was more of a fight to get me up. Then I took an amazing shower and ate oatmeal for breakfast (apple cinnamon, to be exact). Then Chuck and I went over the map for the day, and everyone got physically and mentally prepared to ride.

Then we started our 50-mile ride (or so the teachers say; I was counting it as 60 miles or so lol). By the way, I’m eating pancakes right now, and they are delish. The ride started off hard with a massive hill, but then it was calm and peaceful riding through the countryside. We then soon arrived at our lunch destination where there was a big tree with overgrown bugs. (Did you know that what we believe to be the world’s oldest living organism is the methuselah tree in California? It is approximately 4,800 years old.) There was an argument at lunch, but for the most part I think we are past it. Afterwards we started biking in the Amish country, and we saw so many horses and buggies. There was also so much poop on the roadL, and Chalani stepped in it lol. The ride went on for thirty more miles or so, and that’s when the ride got very tiring. Then I realized we were very close to Findley State Park, our campground for the day. We finally arrived and set up our tents and rested for approximately thirty minutes before we drove into Oberlin.

Visiting the Oberlin Historical Society
Visiting the Oberlin Historical Society

We then went to an old school house at the Oberlin Historical Society where a kind lady named Liz taught us about the town’s great history. Oberlin College was the first school to openly have Caucasians and African Americans learn together, and it wasn’t an easy process. People in Oberlin also helped many slaves in so many ways, even endangering their lives or facing being imprisoned. After that we then played some games that were played back in the 1800s including graces, stilts, sack racing (which I happened to win), and a few more. Then I went with Chuck and Rachel to a store and bought a few necessities before coming back to camp and resting in my tent. I waited for these pancakes and we just made a fire to make smores to end the day. Actually it didn’t end there. I was just surprised by some lovely day before Fourth of July sparklers.

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