Chalani Reflects on Day 6

Happy trails!

Hi. My name is Chalani Styles. (Yes, I am married to Harry Styles) I’m in 9th grade going into to 10th grade in Bronx Lab High School. I came on this trip because my friends and I were biking after school and have been enjoying biking around the Bronx. I was the leader today but it was hard because I hurt my leg yesterday and it hurts a little bit. But I was leading anyway. I’m sitting on the bench at our campsite as I’m typing this. The people next to us are cleaning up their toilet in their camper. Ughhh it smells horrible.

We all woke up around 8:30am today, which is much later than normal. And there were 2 spiders in our tent but Tia and I survived. But I miss Nailea L. We all do! We ate oatmeal and cereal for breakfast. We cleaned up after ourselves and started putting things inside the van. We thanked Mike for letting us stay at the camping site for free and headed to the next camping site. We had to drive to the campsite instead of biking because Rachel was still in Columbus with Nailea. While we were in the car, we got a call from Nailea J. We were all happy to hear her voice. When we arrived we set our tents up and got our bikes ready so we could ride our bikes. It was hard to ride my bike with my leg but I made it. After we got back, Rachel and Chuck had arrived so we all ate lunch and headed to the river. Tia, Randy, and Andrew got in the water while Josh, Rachel, and Basil played Frisbee. Oh I almost forgot we called Nailea. J

bike trip 2015 - 20140702725

After a while we went back to our campsite and ate hot dogs, beans, and pasta. It was very good since I was really hungry. And I started blogging. SO that’s what we did today.

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