Randy Reflects on Day 5

Hi my name is Randy Caesar Joseph Birkett IV. I was the leader for today and it didn’t really go so well. It actually started out well because the nice and kind church people let us stay the night even though it was on such short notice.

We had two accidents. The first one was with our friend Nailea. She fell and broke her arm while we were riding. Even though it wasn’t my fault, I still felt bad because I was the leader and it happened when I was leader. The other one was with the junior Basil. He was riding and a car went by. He pressed both brakes too hard and he flipped over. He is ok now. Nailea is in the hospital now getting surgery on her arm. We are all hoping she gets better.

But other than that today was actually good except for all the bumps and hills. I don’t know why Ohio has so many ups and downs. They are so annoying and tiring. At least we got to have fun in the Kokosing Lake. The water was so cold but then you got used to it after awhile. So in all actuality today wasn’t so bad.

We had pizza for dinner today. It was really good, just not as good as New York pizza. I wish we could have had more but you get what you get and you don’t get upset. We also got to stop at the store at one of our pit stops. We don’t usually get to stop at stores for some reason. Also we stopped at this really nice fire station where we got to refill our water bottles. The guys there were very helpful and nice.

Tonight we get to sleep outside.  Yay (he said sarcastically) but I hope I get to lead again and have a better ride. Tomorrow we have the shortest but most hilly day. And OH OH IO IO WE LOVE OHIO BIKING THE UNDRGROUND RAILROAD !!!

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