Tia Reflects on Day 4

Ice cream day - a bike trip tradition
Ice cream day – a bike trip tradition

Hi my name is Tia and I will be a 10th grader in the fall. I go to a school called Bronx Lab High School in New York City. To start off my summer of 2015, my biking group and I are on a biking/camping trip along the Underground Railroad in Ohio. Some of us have been training since fall of 2014 and some started training earlier this year.

So far this biking/camping trip has been good. The weather has been cold, rainy, and slightly sunny. Today was a very fun and interesting day. The morning was very moist and wet. We had breakfast and packed our stuff in order to be on our bikes by 7:30am. We slept in a church so I felt confortable and welcome. Today I was leading for about 15 miles. I think I did well, I had a good pace and did biking calls such as “car back” and “car up” meaning that a car was coming behind us or in front of us. Sometimes I got tired, but I did not give up and stop. My biking friends and I were cheering everybody up by saying a line that every one from Ohio says, which is “OH” and we all scream “IO”. When the biking was over I really didn’t think that we had done 40 miles! I thought that we had done less. We biked the 40 miles so fast we made it all the way to the college before lunch. Lunch was good; we ate under a big tree because it was raining really hard, on and off.

After biking was over we went to see the church that we were going to sleep in over night. We were going to camp in a state park but because of the storms, we decided to sleep at the church. We did go to the state park to take a nice warm long shower. We also took a tour at a college called Ohio Wesleyan. It seemed very big to me and I liked how they had different types of cafés and they had good and fairly big dorm rooms. Also I like how freshmen are treated the same way as others in the college. When we were done we went back to the church and made a big dinner of aloo gobi and chicken.

The daily journal entry
The daily journal entry

After dinner we went to an ice cream shop that was unusual. It looked like a house but when you got inside you realized it was a store. The ice cream is home -made and very good. Finally we went back to the church and relaxed. We wrote in our journals and are about to have our evening circle where we all talk about our day. I have to lead the circle because I was the leader for the day. I am happy to be on this trip, but I miss my twin sister Tamera a lot. She was going to come on the trip, but is doing a college program at Skidmore so could not come. Overall today was a fun day.

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