Basil Reflects on Day 3

Basil as a Fireman
Basil as a Fireman

HI name is Muhammad Basil and I am a senior at Bronx Lab School. I am from Pakistan but grew up in Dubai. I have been living in New York for a year. This is my second camping trip, but my first trip sleeping in a tent. My experience so far has been tremendous and I have had a lot of fun. I haven’t been out camping ever in my life as my parents never let me but thanks to my teachers who convinced my mom into letting me go to the trip I am happy to learn a lot of new things and experience a different environment away from home, by myself doing all my work on my own. This trip has taught me a lot, and I am really happy to take away good facts, which could help me in life.

It was the third day of the trip and I dwas informed last night after dinner that I was going to be the leader for tomorrow and I had to lead the biking crew to our destination. I went through the map to our destination with Chuck and Chuck informed me that we might not be able to bike tomorrow due to the unstable weather as it was going to rain the entire evening as well. The bike ride was really long, over 60 miles and had a lot of turns but I was still really excited because I love to bike and the most I have gone is around almost 59 miles a day with my cousins who used to bike back home in Dubai. The next morning I woke up and heard water dropping on my tent, which clearly meant that it was raining and we couldn’t ride. We went and had our breakfast in a shelter we found near our campground and played a small game, which was really fun. After that we decided to head out towards our destination, but instead of biking, we drove to Mechanicsburg where we met Ellen Seward a community resident and a social worker. She spoke to us about a black man during the 1800s who fled for freedom. The man, Addison White, was basically rescued by the entire town of Mechanicsburg. The people of the town all worked together to keep the bounty hunters from finding him and he ended up living his whole life in Mechanicsburg. We met with the Chief of Police and two of the firefighters who gave us a short tour of the fire station and the vehicles. I was really interested to know more about them and also got to take a pic with them in their coat and hat. I also talked about how to become a firefighter. They both, Michelle and Taylor, were very nice and really kind.

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Evening amusement

We than headed to a church where we were to spend the entire night and we were to have dinner there with the people at the church. We than had some activities where we all went to play outside and had an amazing time, and we got all our clothes dirty. We came back and decided to do our journals and I sat down to do my blog as I was the leader of the day. I wasn’t able to lead a ride today but had an amazing time and look forward to leading a ride later in the week.

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