Mataeo Reflects on Day 7

Yo, It’s Mataeo Smith again blogging for another ride of the Bronx Lab bike trip.

Today was a day of pure torture. First off I was having a fun dream this morning about flying broom sticks only to be so rudely interrupted by Josh. I was all toasty in my sleeping bag just like a marshmallow. I dragged myself out of my tent only to have the cold air smack me in the face.

A few miles into the ride we stopped at this big open field in Amish country to have lunch. I plopped myself right on the grass and took an hour nap right under the sun in the green grass. It was actually a pretty nice nap and it helped me regain my strength. According to Josh the hills were supposed to stop after a big one in Jeromesville but that was a BIG LIE. After the hill in Jeromesville, it was one hill after the other, each more annoying than the last.

This ride totally wore me out. But I got through it. As I was cycling the road, I remembered all the times I got mad at school when Josh said it was getting late to ride bikes. I wish it was the same situation for this trip. But at least the hard part of this trip is over I can finally relax. Tomorrow we’re gonna chill in a hotel for a few hours and then go home, plus we get to go to a gigantic pool. I’m gonna blow past the 15 miles tomorrow in an instant. When I get home I’m going straight to my bed to take a nap and I have a lot of catching up to do on youtube, I must have a million videos to watch and I know my kik is blowing up. For those who don’t know what kik is it’s a major texting app that is also very fun. Anyway I’m kinda bummed that this trip is over; I was having fun. But it will feel awesome when I’m home again in my own bed and sitting on my OWN toilet. Seriously some of the bathrooms I’ve encountered on this trip should be condemned and blown up. But you know how it is when you gotta go you gotta go.

I also saw some Amish people today riding horses in the streets today and they have cool beards. Their side burn is normal but when you get to their chins an ocean of hair appears. It’s pretty cool. They say that an Amish teenager has the choice to join the real world or stay in Amish country. I have no idea about what I would choose. You learn something new everyday J Speaking of which, at the end of our ride today, we went to the Oberlin Historical Society.  We learned that Oberlin was a town full of abolitionists and the whole town came together to help slaves escape.  Slave catchers hated Oberlin because they knew everyone was against them.  We went to an old school house and used slates to write and do some math problems.  We also learned about a girl who was on the Amistad and after she escaped, she moved to Oberlin.

That’s all I am going to write tonight.  We had a fire that Mr. Apple made, got to drink hot chocolate with left over marshmallows from the other night and now are going to light some fireworks.  It’s going to be lit.

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