Vincent Reflects on Day 6

Hey, my name is Vincent Franchi and I am the first Bronx Lab biker in 7 years to blog twice on the trip.  Today was kind of a short day and it was very challenging like the other days, which were also tough. This morning was fine and very wet because it rained on all of our tents. When I woke up it was already about 6:30 A.M. and I was woken up by Michael.  I got out of my tent and took a nice shower for the day. When I ran down the hill back to our tents the breakfast was just getting ready to be prepared and I was looking forward to having some multi-grain Cheerios and a few pieces of granola on it. It was good. Then I ate some apple cinnamon oatmeal with granola also in it. All of the breakfast that I ate tasted good. I offered to give everyone one chewy and delicious chocolate fiber bar and one fruit snack. I made sure that everyone got one to get them through the day.

I led the group out of the campsite and out of town. We went to another town to refill water and use the bathroom. Once we established that, we started to ride on East 95. We took that down, made a few turns along the way and rode until we reached 403 and that is the part I hated the most because the big hills were located along this route. Riding up those hills were so tough I did not think that I could make it through the rest of the day but Josh pushed me to go through and helped me make sure everyone stayed together even when I was out of breath. The hills were such a pain in the neck. I have never gone up hills like that in my life and hopefully I will never have to do that again.

We were communicating with some cows earlier, which was funny.  After the cows,  we went to have another bathroom brake, I had an apple and some trail mix. A few of my teammates went to the bathroom and then hung around on the playground. After using the bathroom I went to the playground with them and when they tried to climb up to the slide, Juan or Greg spotted a huge spider on the rock climbing wall. We decided to go on the little horse that bends back and forth from a spring but when I went on, Juan pulled me all the way back and made me fall off.  It was not serious just funny.

After a long ride we hit Route 603 which led us to the campsite and we ended the ride there. I felt relieved when we arrived at the site.  We set up our tents and then went in the lake.  Afterward we played basketball, ate dinner which was chicken stir-fry, played another game as a group and finally had desert, which was ice cream with sprinkles that Rachel’s father bought for us. The day went well and it is still continuing. At the moment the group is writing in their journals.

All in all, it was an ok day. I am happy that a day of bike riding has ended. I miss being home with my family and laying in my bed instead of a tent every night. I am not saying that it is not nice sleeping in tents but it gets kind of annoying waking up every morning when my tent is wet from rain. I just think that I am more used to being home with my family than out camping day after day. All I know is that we have two more days of bike riding and Sunday is when we get to go home. It is fun but THANK YOU GOD! After a while it gets tiring. It should be fun spending the last night in a hotel and going to a water park.  I am ready.

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