Michael Reflects on Day 5

Hi, this is Hunter (Michael Gardinet)

Today was a good day.  We woke up around 6:30 and  then got the things out of our tents and took out our tents and put them in the trailer.  The tents were a little wet from the storm last night.  The cooks then took out the food for breakfast; we had cereal and boiled eggs.

After everyone finished their breakfast, we cleaned our bowls then we readied up for the bike ride. We filled our water bottles, got our snacks and checked our bike tires. I checked the map to see where to go. We went though some busy streets and roads today and a lot of trucks went by us. We had to go almost 15 miles on the roads before our first break.

We stopped near a church for lunch and I had some peanut butter which is what I have every day for lunch. Near the church was a corner store, which was over 100 years old, where we stopped to use the bathroom and the woman behind the counter knew about the Underground Railroad and told us a story about a barn near by that had a secret ladder and hiding space which they thought was used to hide slaves.

We then started biking towards the campground. The road was really pretty, but there were so many potholes and bumps that made my hands hurt.  It felt like the closer we got to the end the more the bumps started to get deeper and harder to avoid. The sun was up the whole ride it was really hot while riding.

When we got closer to the campground there were a lot of hills that we had to climb. When we got there we decided to go for a swim in the lake. We got into our swimming gear and went into the lake, which was really big with no net and I was kind of afraid to get attacked by a shark or something else that may live in a lake.  The floor of the lake was really soft and mushy which made us feel weird like we were standing on poop. We swam for about 1 hour. We decided to come out because the sun had gone behind some clouds.

We dried off a bit and played on the playground. Then we collected some sticks for the campfire where we cooked hotdogs on sticks. Some of the hotdogs fell in the fire while we were cooking them.  After the hotdogs, we made s’mores, which I had never had before.   I then led the discussion for the night and now we are all going to bed.  Tomorrow is supposed to be a hilly ride.



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