Juan Reflects on Day 4

Hi my name is Juan Rodriguez. I came to this trip to test myself and also because I’m a member the biking club. These last few days since the biking trip started have been pretty hard. We have been eating some foods that I don’t eat daily but I am trying to make the best of it.

Today I was the 4th leader. First it was Vincent, second was Mataeo and then it was Greg.  Greg picked the worst day to be the leader because that day it was really sunny with lots of wind pushing you back and lots of hills.  Tomorrow Michael will most likely be the leader because he hasn’t led yet. But today was a good day.

We finally slept somewhere confortable with air-conditioning because we were allowed to sleep in the church.  We had such a good dinner last night made for us by some people who go to the church.   When I woke up we finally had something different than oatmeal for breakfast. Those bagels we had gave me enough energy to make it through the day.

I tried to memorize the map for our ride today but I only memorized the first 7 turns then I just asked Chuck for directions. The first few days, I was always in the back but being in the front gave me a whole new perspective.  If I went slowly everybody went slow, if I went fast almost everybody went fast. I controlled the pace of the group. This made my day leading the bikers much easier. The previous day we had biked for almost 60 miles and I think this made me much stronger for today’s ride.

Without Chuck helping me in the front, I would have been lost. I’m thankful he was there because if I had gotten lost we would have had to ride for a longer time. We took the road for about 25 miles then a bike path. Some people were complaining that I wasn’t stopping enough and that I was going too fast. I guess I didn’t know my own strength. The conditions were almost perfect except for the sun was really hot.

Today Rachel’s dad joined us on our bike ride.  He came from Vermont last night and is going to stay with us until Saturday.  We also had two women join us for part of the ride. I like having all these people on the road with us because it makes us go faster.

On the bike path today we stopped at a site to eat some snacks. Then the planned route we had today was cancelled because the bridge we needed to take into Delaware was being worked on and we couldn’t find another way across the river so we ended the ride short. I was so relieved that we were biking less because the sun was burning my skin.

When we got to Delaware, we went to a college called Ohio Wesleyan and this is where we set up tents.  Then we took a tour of the school. When we came back, the cooks made some spaghetti and cheese. We also started playing basketball with Rachel’s dad.   We had to cut the game short because we went for a walk to get ice cream. It was so good and we got to have waffle cones.  This was the perfect day to lead.

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