Gregor Reflects on Day 3

Hey, this is Captain Morgan and this is my perspective of the Bronx lab Ohio trip.

We got up at 5:30 in the morning after we had a battle with some crazy raccoons last night.  They were mad because Josh threw rocks at their leader.

Today was very horrible for me because I can’t stand all the hard work and exercise that they try to provide for me.  I had no choice but to give up because my thighs were burning the crap out of me. I didn’t want to but I chose to because Chuck was pushing the team to the limit and I could not perform at the 100 percent that I was trying to give. We biked about 60 miles to day, which was one of our longest rides for this whole trip. I think I would have had a lot of stamina if I wasn’t pushing too hard and not stopping to rest. Also I should have hydrated more often and I should have been breathing through my nose and exhaling through my mouth. If I had, I would maybe still be at the top 5 and Chuck wouldn’t have had to take my leader position because I was dying slowly.

For lunch, we stopped in Mechanicsburg where we were given water and fruit by the mayor.  But, I was sleeping the whole time.  I tried to listen to the story about Addison White who was a slave who escaped with the help of the townspeople in Mechanicsburg.  After they helped him, they all paid for his freedom and then he moved to the town and lived his whole life there.  His great, great, great granddaughter was there and she told us the story.  But, I didn’t hear it all because I was dreaming of not having to ride anymore.

After lunch, we had to get back on our bikes in the hot sun.  Rachel was not supposed to be here because she got into an accident but she was right by my side when I gave up riding and threw the bike across the cornfield. I found her presence strangely comforting but I was still scared with all the trucks going by at full speed.

I am not in love with this trip but it is only the second day and I am trying to get over it and get ready for the waterpark and the nice hotel at the end.  I hope that will provide me with my needs and wants. I am scrawny and not built for the steroids that I need to complete these rides.  If you like camping and suffering in the blistering sun and getting attacked by raccoons at night and having to eat nasty nuts and dried fruit, I strongly advise you to go on this trip.

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