Mateo Reflects on Day 2

Hey my name is Mataeo Smith and this is pretty much my perspective of today. It started in the morning. Last night was one of the most unpleasant sleeps of my life due to the condensation in the tent. The truth is I was kinda happy to get woken up by Josh.

The bike ride today lasted for five whole hours. Today I was the leader and at first I thought I would get everybody lost. But to my surprise I did a pretty good job.

On the ride, I thought about how much I really miss technology; Josh and Rachel took our phones away on the first day. They told us they wanted us to focus on the experience instead of our music, friends at home and Facebook.  I miss my bed, I miss my television, I miss my ps3, and I miss my food but I am having fun anyway.  (except, I really don’t like the bugs)

It was really hot at about noon today and I was starting to sweat. I had a little fun being the leader and choosing when to slow down and stop. Memorizing the directions wasn’t all that hard either. At the beginning people were convinced I would be a horrible leader and mess up but I really showed them today. I’ll admit I’m more exited for the hotel and water park on the last day than biking again but I guess I have to do it anyway.. But tomorrow I get to follow someone else. ^_^

The cooking idea isn’t half bad. It’s kinda fun to cook but too bad it has to alternate between us. Tomorrow I’m guessing I have to be the one on clean up duty -_- But another thing I like about this trip is the shower situation, for some reason I just don’t stink if I don’t shower. And since I don’t stink showering isn’t really a problem. Today my shower was at the pool and I was having fun doing it. It was so cool.

This trip has also taught me things about slavery too. For example, John Parker was a slave who bought his own freedom. He had a hard life being separated from his mother at age 8. I learned that the slaves had to go on the same path as me to get to freedom except they had no shoes, water, Gatorade, or bikes. I was really tired at one point but then I thought of how tired the slaves must have been. It took us about three hours to get from point A to point B. But it must’ve took the slaves days, maybe weeks to travel 40 miles. That information opened my eyes up completely to the perspective of the slaves.

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