Jahod reflects on Day 6

Hey it’s Jahod, one of the least experienced riders of the group and today I’m going to tell you how day six of the Ohio trip has gone so far.

Well the day started for me at 1:00 am in the morning when my tent rudely awakened me as I rolled down the hills of Kokosing (our campsite). My tent mates and I slowly walked out of our tents only to get our socks wet by a drowned tarp. Under the drowned tarp were our slippers, which were also drenched. After we had shaken the slippers dry we gently called out to Josh by whispering, “peanut butter” (it’s an inside joke). Josh rose out his tent only to see our flipped over tent right against his. After this he woke Joaquin and informed him of the situation. Gradually after discussing our issue Joaquin and Josh decided to put us in a hot cabin where we had to sleep on a very hard wood floor. This was the worst night sleep so far in Ohio.

My eyes suddenly opened as I heard the wake up call from Josh and Rachel. Just by hearing the sound of their voices I knew it was around 6:00 am. THAT MEANS I ONLY GOT 5 HOURS OF SLEEP. With only five hours of sleep I would usually be a real grumpy guy but that breakfast of hot oatmeal with dried up cranberries and granola made my day a little bit better. After breakfast, Chuck approached me with the map he had given me the day before and he asked me if I knew where I was leading the group. I had honestly forgotten about leading the group probably because I didn’t want to do it, but I knew it had to be done.

As I began to lead the group out of the campsite, we stumbled upon a hill, which was not the last hill we were going to see. We made it up that hill and it was pretty much smooth sailing for the next 7 to 8 miles, until we approached Bunker Hill Road. When I first glimpsed the map I noticed many hills but they didn’t look that steep until I actually got to them. The hills themselves had to be equal to at least 15 miles. Despite all the hills, I think I pulled through for the team and managed to guide them to Charles Mill Lake, which is our current campsite. Well, this my blog and I hope readers everywhere can read this and feel that they were here with me. This is Jahod and I’m out.

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