Keymani reflects on Day 5

Hola! My name is Keymani Reid. Today, compared to other days, was a pretty short day, which is what we bikers really needed for this long trip. We only biked for a total of 35 miles, which is great for us because this is probably the closest thing to a break we can really enjoy.

Our journey began at one of the best colleges in Ohio called Ohio Wesleyan University and we biked to our campsite of the night called Kokosing Lake. We stopped to have lunch next to a nice white church that had the best shade anyone could ask for when getting some grub before hitting the road. The ride there was not all that bad but there were a few bumps on the road that really tripped us up as a group and almost claimed one of our bikers as he took a really hard fall. But with me as group leader, we all stuck together as a strong unit and powered through whatever came at us.

Along this trip we have encountered beautiful weather for most of our days but as each day goes on it begins to get BLAZING HOT and we all are becoming slightly darker than when we came. When you first enter Ohio, some may expect it to have a southern touch to it……….  Well it does.  89% of the time you see farms, cows, corn, fields, and many other aspects that give the state a rural, southern feel. For a second I thought we lost track and began riding in Mississippi.

Being leader today was sort of a challenge considering I had the least experience riding for a long time but I was up for the challenge, especially because I think it will help me become a better football player.  In the beginning, I was worried about not satisfying the whole group with the right speed for everyone and I was nervous about my leadership skills.  It all turned out ok, though.  As of tonight, we have biked about 175 miles in 4 days, which in my opinion is great. I am not really sure how much we have left but I know it will be something I have no problem handling.

After a fun dinner, made over the open fire, we are all looking forward to s’mores tonight.  All in all, a good day!


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