Ariel reflects on Day 4

“If I offer you one tip for the future, sun screen would be it. The long term benefits of sunscreen have been proved by scientists,” by The Sunscreen Song.

As we rode today from the church, which welcomed us with opens arms. I, Ariel Eusebio Gutierrez who was leading the group, wore my bare arms without any sunscreen on.  People told us that there was an 80% chance of rain! The day before today, I rode in the rain and the cold wind was blowing toward me, making me unable to move. I just pushed on hoping warmth was waiting me for at the end. I thought that today going to be another cold and wet day. As I led everybody to the next campsite, which was Josh’s, old college -Ohio Weslyen University (OWU), the sunrays beat down on me, cooking my skin to a medium rare steak. Not knowing the effect of the UV rays on my dark, Ecuadorian skin I just kept on going without stopping.  After we finished biking for the day and set up the tents, we went to take a long nice shower for the first time in two days and I saw that my arms had a tan line so deep it was like the border between Mexico and the USA.

We took a tour around the campus and learned neat stuff about OWU. I mostly loved this school for the campus, as it is a beautiful school, which goes from one side of the town to the other.  After we finished the tour and we had some of the spiciest food I have ever had. Believe me, I’m Spanish and eat spicy food every day, but this food will make you sweat ten pounds. After we sweated the food out, we went to the corner and to get some huge ice cream cones. I got Mexican coffee favor and it was good-tasted like having a fresh cup of coffee where you had smashed the coffee beans together that same morning.

I am still a beginner biker, but each day I ride the bike I learn something new about riding. Just the other day, I learned how to use my gears better in order to go up hills.  And today, I learned that leading a group takes a lot of patience and attention to detail.  I did make one wrong turn, but I think that is sort of like life.  You have to make wrong turns in order to find the right way.  At first I though that I couldn’t do this bike trip and now I think I could do a bunch of other things I thought that I couldn’t do before. This bike trip is making me a better biker and a stronger person for the future.

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