Daury reflects on Day 3

Allow me to introduce myself; my name is Daury and today is my turn to blog.

Today was great. At first I was a little scared of leading the group because we were doing a 60 mile route with 16 turns. I was afraid I was going to get the team lost, but I started gaining confidence on the way as I started getting the hang of how to read the map. The team and I started at Yellow Springs and our destination was Zion Church in West Jefferson, near Columbus. Throughout the entire ride, I heard a lot of complaining until we hit our first major stop in Mechanicsburg.  I was looking forward to meeting the mayor of the town but he was busy. We still met nice people, like a very talented magician who made a dollar disappear and reappear right before our eyes.  This same magician wrote a play about a slave known as Henry “Box” Brown that escaped in a box in 1849 and was heralded as one of the greatest escapes of the Underground Railroad.  Apparently, he became a magician and might be the first African American to have performed magic. The play will be performed in Columbus in September.

We also met Addison White’s youngest granddaughter.  Addison was an escaped slave that almost got caught but he shot his master in the knee and when the residents of Mechanicsburg heard about it they all got pitchforks and torches and helped chase away the slave catchers who were after him.

After we left the little town we kept on going to our destination and everybody started complaining more. But, after about 27 miles, we finally got to our destination and it was worth it. The nice people in the church made us tons of food and they were more than happy to see us. After we ate we all went to go play basketball for about an hour. Josh made the most points even though he told us he couldn’t play basketball.

Today was fun. I pushed myself and I pushed everybody else. We had a few laughs, came up with some more bars about our day and we ate until we were stuffed. I hope the rest of our days in Ohio are as just challenging and rewarding as today


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