Dawrys reflects on Day 2

Hola mi nombre es Dawrys Rodriguez y usted estal leeindo el bobilico de OHIO!!!!. Hi my name is Dawrys Rodriguez and you are reading the blog from OHIO!!!. This is a great trip and experience and because of this trip I am glade I get to hang out with my friends from school. This is my second time coming to Ohio.  I came for the first time at the end of my 9th grade year and now, I am done with high school and about to join the army!  This is great training.   When we came we were tired and hungry but we didn’t let that stop us from starting this great adventure that our teachers had for us. We had fun the first night in the hotel. We ate pizza, even though we won’t have pizza again until the last day of the trip.  The next day we went to a house and this house is very special. This house holds many memories about many slaves that were saved back in the 1800s.  The house name is named the Rankin house. The Reverend Rankin was a man who was against slavery because he didn’t want to see African Americans suffer pain and unhappiness. Rankin and his family decided to help them out by hiding them in their barn while they made their way to Canada.  We also visited the Freedom Center in Cincinnati and saw a play about Harriet Tubman.

This morning was our first day of biking!  We had a great time this morning because we didn’t complain as much as we did the year I first came. We got a good start but I was too fast for the group and had to try to slow down so the group could stay together.  And because I was the leader, it was my job to make sure everyone was ok and knew where to go.   I think we rode about 40 miles today and it was pretty easy because most of it was on a bike path. When we got to the camp, we set up our tents and left for the pool.  The weather was great for us to go.  Later, we learned that the park that the pool is in is named after a former slave who settled in Yellow Springs. When we got back to the camp, the cooks made a stir-fry for dinner.  Since I am a vegetarian, they left the chicken out of my portion.  Everyone loved it, but I ended up putting way too much hot sauce on mine.

As a leader I gave everything I got.  I just finished leading the discussion and I asked everyone to connect what we did today to the experience runaway slaves had in the 1800s.  We all decided that even though we were tired, our trip is a lot easier than theirs.  We have food and breaks and water and Gatorade.  They didn’t even have shoes and they were always being chased.  After our discussion, everyone tried to make some rhymes about our day.


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