Chuck Harmon on his third journey with Bronx Lab

I have spent the last week reflecting on my favorite week of the summer and perhaps my favorite week of the year; the week that I spent with seven remarkable students from the Bronx Lab School and their equally remarkable adult leaders.

This is the third year that the group has invited me along to share their adventure so I have grouped my memories, in no particular order, in sets of three.

·         Students who exhibited strength of mind, body and spirit

·         While conquering heat, hills and headwinds in Ohio

·         Led by three remarkable adults Michele, Rachel and Joaquin

·         Beans on the left and corn on the right, corn on the left and beans on the right along with an

occasional tree farm.

·         Instant oatmeal, sandwiches and Spring Rolls

·         Travel by train, van and bicycle

·         Museums, safe houses and small town mayors

·         Flat tires, broken pedals and more flat tires

·         Swimming pools, rivers and lakes

·         Churches, Local historians and Ohio residents that were inspired by our tour

·         Horses, cows and mosquitoes (the state bird of Ohio)

·         Rising at 6:00 a.m. every day, journaling and awesome discussions

·         Self reliance, trust in travelling companions and shared responsibilities

·         A warm welcome by Ohio Wesleyan University, the Zion Lutheran Church and Ohioans

in cities, towns and rural areas

·         Sun screen, aloe and bug spray

·         Soccer, football and the water game

·         Blue skies, dry weather and Amish horse and buggies

It all adds up to one remarkable week in Ohio, but this journey is more than a one week journey.  The students had to prepare themselves for several months in advance of their trip to build the strength, confidence and resolve to allow them to meet the challenges of a week-long bicycle tour.  In closing, I would like to thank The Adventure Cycling Association and The Center for Minority Health at The University of Pittsburgh for creating the route that inspired our trip and Math For America (with special thanks to Shawn Rene Graham) for sponsoring this year’s adventure.

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