Fransys reflects on Day 7

Hola! My name is Fransys Molina, the one and only girl student on this fabulous trip here in Ohio. I would like to begin by saying that I am loving this trip; its the greatest experience and the best opportunity I have taken advantage of at Bronx Lab. I’m loving the state of Ohio and the country lifestyle, the cities and the people. People here are very friendly and helpful. They wave at us even if we don’t know them and they are there when we need them. The campgrounds we have been in are amazing, the rides are very challenging, the weather is hot, nights are fantastic and I just love the fact that it feels free and open!!

Today is our 7th day on the trip, shortest ride of the week; and yes we have had our ups and downs on this trip as a group but today it was literally the hills which were going UP then DOWN. I feel very proud of myself (even though I hurt my ankle) and my group for riding responsibly, fast, safe, and together! I’m glad that we have enjoyed not only this ride but every other day we have biked. We like the roads and moving fast on our bikes as we move downhill. We also enjoy the sites of Ohio as we are biking. From what I’ve seen and noticed there are a lot of farms and corn fields, cows and horses; dogs, cats,and birds running freely about. The hills today were very challenging but we managed to get through them.

Currently our cooking crew is cooking our last meal of the day which is pasta. We always have 3 different people each day making us our meals. I feel like these different jobs are making us more independent and responsible, they have helped us become stronger and allowed us to make this trip our own. In addition, these jobs have made us work together and learn about each other. The best job I have had on this trip so far is having to be the bike boss. I like it because I get to manage the group on the rides.

In conclusion, even though this trip is called “The Ohio Underground Railroad Trip”,  this trip is not just about the Underground Railroad and it’s history.  It is also about getting to know a different state, a different environment and getting to know each other.  It is about challenging ourselves to work as a team both on and off the bikes.  Most of all, it is about learning.   Learning about history and learning how to work together.

Tomorrow, we are doing our final ride together we will be riding 46 miles we will be riding to Oberlin, which is our last stop.  It is our last stop because during the time of slavery, fugitive slaves found safety and freedom with the many abolitionists in town and it was the first town to offer school for African Americans. I’m looking forward to this last and final stop, because with it I will remember and embrace all the great times I had with my group of guy bikers, my teachers and new friends. I will cherish these memories  of Ohio and the Underground Railroad my whole life.

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