Wade reflects on Day 6

Hey my name is Wade Atkinson and  this morning we got up at 6:00 am  to make breakfast and to get ready to head out.   We were to ride 34 miles this morning and we wanted to beat the hot sun.   When the sun is hot we do not ride as fast as the teachers want us to ride. When they say we have to ride faster,  we get mad but today was one of the best days and we didn’t have any kind of problems. 

The breeze was cool in the morning and we rode faster than the previous days. We got to our lunch stop early and we asked the teachers how fast we were going and they said 15 miles an hour. And that is the fastest we have ever gone.   We got to the camp two hours before we planned to so we set up our tents and jumped in the lake.

There was a tree that was half way in the lake so we started to jump off it and we were doing all kinds of things. We were playing tag, marco polo and then we got out of the lake and we started to play football.  One of the bikers jumped off the tree and slipped on a rock.  His hand looked like it was broken, but he was fine and he jumped a few more times. He also started to swim again but not for long because the teachers told us it was time for journaling and dinner.

We have to make dinner every night and do other things like get water and wood for the fire.  Tonight, we made hot dogs and hot coco.  We also had s’mores.    Finally, we had our nightly discussion where we talk about the day.  Theo was our discussion leader and he asked us a lot of questions.  We are like one big happy family.

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