Isias reflects on Day 5

Hi, my name is Isaias .  This morning was the best morning of all because it wasn’t as wet as all the other mornings.   The temperature was nice and cool while we slept but I was tired because the night before we stayed up late watching fire works which were awesome.  The fire works were awesome because they were practically across the street meaning they were close.  When we woke up we got changed and ate breakfast even though we were tired.  The breakfast was provided by the church we stayed at. There were eggs, pancakes and of course delicious syrup.  We then filled bottles and coolers which was my job because I was water boy.

Today we rode 36 miles which is a short ride but that doesn’t mean it was not challenging.  There were hills that just went up and down and felt like it was forever.  I decided to go in the back to rest but then I was well rested and got right back up to the front.  My fellow bike mates did not like that.    Basically it was just us switching back and forth but it was fun in the end.  For the most part there was  a lot of sun and farms.  We saw a couple of horses, cows and of course CORN!

After all the corn we finally arrived at our destination, Ohio Wesleyan University.  Once we got there we set up our tent right in the front yard, took an interesting shower and went on a tour of the campus.  In my opinion the college is a great place with lots of opportunities and a friendly environment .  The college has a variety of majors and great dorm rooms.  The feeling of being here is like being in a town but at a school at the same time which makes it great because as a student, you won’t feel like you’re in school the whole time.  Right now we are making dinner and after we are going into town for ice cream. Overall it was a great day and if I may add the ice cream makes it even better.

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