Theo reflects on Day 4

This is Theo. Today, the first thing I did was wake up and then I was told that we were doing 56 miles today. Even though I didn’t feel like it  my tent buddies and I had to take down our tent and get ready for breakfast. My bowl broke so I had to use my cup for the cereal we all had for breakfast. Joshua had another boiled egg for the 3rd morning. After breakfast we started riding.  I was feeling a little weak but I still rode. I thought I was going to be in the back the whole time but I actually got up in the front of the group.

It started getting really hot at noon and I was so sweaty and I felt really dirty. Chuck rode with us a little like he did the other days. We met Rod, the church pastor’s wife when we got to Mechanicsburg and we also met the mayor. That was really cool. We read about an african slave who survived a fire and saved the church bell.  The town of Mechanicsburg also helped him escape slave catchers who were looking for him.  They hid him and sent him North along the Underground Railroad.

The mayor was a funny guy, we made a hand shake that was gucci. We started leaving the town and Rod was leading us to the Zion Church which was our next stop. On the way there I had 3 flats in my front tire. I don’t know why but it just happened. The last tire that was put in was good though.

We have now arrived at the Zion Church.   They had a sign in the front welcoming us and that made me feel good. We set up our tents and went inside the church and met a few people. After a few minutes we went to a pool because it was really hot. We played marco polo and had a lot of fun. I THINK I learned how to swim,  though I am still not too sure.

We went back to the church and met more people. Joshua and I started playing the piano and I think we had a contest which I beat him in.   After that we had dinner which the church cooked for us and it was awesome. We had fun and talked to Chuck’s wife and daughter which was nice. Joshua and I then presented a gift for the pastor of the church and it was funny because we were supposed to say happy 4th of July and Josh accidently said Happy New Years. We’re all here now waiting for fireworks which I can’t wait for.

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