Dawry reflects on Day 3

Hi my name is Dawry Rodriguez. Today my friends and I rode 45 miles. We all were tired from the visit to the Freedom Center in Cinicinnati. The ride was not very challenging because we all rode 100 miles just a few weeks ago. When we were riding today,  we passed a nice town that is called Yellow Springs.  This is where we are camping tonight.

When we finished the ride we had to put up our tents. When we finished putting up the tents we went to the pool. When we came back we had to make dinner. Every day we all have different jobs to do.  Today my job was to help my friends if they had a problem. Other students have to do different jobs.  For example,  Francis, Chris, and Josh had to clean after dinner.  I like having a different job every day and think it is cool that the students have to do all the work to make the trip smooth.

Dinner was spring rolls, wontons, and some left over chips. I am looking forward to riding 50 miles tomorrow.  We are riding to a church where we will meet lots of people from the town and have a bbq with them.  We are also going to see fireworks because it is the 4th of July.  I am really having fun on this trip.  It is one of the best things I have ever done.

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