Chris reflects on Day 2

Hi my name is Christopher Lewis

Today was fun, I learned a lot about the Underground Railroad. One thing that I learned was that the Ohio river was not owned by Ohio. The Ohio river was owned by Kentucky. The reason for this was if the run away slaves were caught by a slave hunter at the river, they could not just jump in the river and say they are free. I also learned that Ohio tried to take back the river but they failed .

I also learned that John Parker was a slave, but he gained his freedom from his master. Then parker  moved to Ohio . John Parker grew up being very sad  because he was taken away from his mom at a very small age but everything turned out ok for him because he helped runaway slaves get to Canada. I learned that Parker and Rev. Rankin worked together to free slaves .

Today we also went to the Freedom Center in Cincinnati. When I was at the first exhibit  inside the Freedom Center, I felt like I was a slave.  I felt like a slave because in the exhibit there was model of slaves and captains of slave ships and it just made you feel like you were there. Another thing I saw that I thought was amazing was the place that our guide, Harvey said  was the ocean.  Inside a glass pillar, there were beads that stand for the slaves that drowned and died on their journey to America. They didn’t know how many beads were in the glass but they did know that many slaves died on the ship.  And that is what I learned today.  Tonight we are camping and tomorrow we will ride 45 miles!

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