Tevin reflects on Day 1

Hi! I am Tevin. We got to Maysville, Kentucky late last night after a 17 hour train ride from New York City. The train ride was ok, I guess. We got on it at like 6:45 in the morning. On the train, I first went to sleep for 5 minutes until Chris and Tariq woke me up. When I finally got to sleep without anyone waking me up, I slept until about 9:00 and everyone was up but Mariah. She was still asleep on my shoulder. When she woke up, we went to the cafe car to play Monopoly and chess which we pretty much played for the entire train ride.

This morning we woke up early in order to have time to pack the lunches and get to the Rankin’s house across the river in Ripley, Ohio. When we got to the house we had to hike up the face of a steep hill and it had just stopped raining so it was slippery. At the top of the hill was the Rankin’s house. It was on the top the hill because the Rankins hated slavery and they were a checkpoint and safe house on the Underground Railroad. Being on top of the hill, he could see slave hunters long before they crossed the Ohio River from the slave state of Kentucky. After we visited the Rankin’s house, we went to John Parker’s house which was just down the steep hill by the waterfront. Reverend Rankin and John Parker worked together on the Underground Railroad. Instead of being a checkpoint like Rankin, John Parker was an extractor. He was one of the few that went into the south to pick up runaway slaves and help them get to freedom in the north.

The last stop we made was to the Underground Railroad Freedom Center in Cincinnati. At the museum we watched a movie that showed how Rankin and his many sons and John Parker worked together to help free slaves. The movie was really cool because we had just been to all the places this morning. On the third floor of the museum, we saw a new exhibit on slavery around the world today. I never really thought there was slavery today, but I learned about human trafficking and other forms of slavery going on in the world. I think the day was interesting overall. It was long, because we were so tired from the train, but I learned a lot.

Tonight, I was also the discussion leader at our campsite. This means I had to ask the group questions about the day. We talked about why some people chose to fight against slavery and some people did not. It is now 10:30 and I just have to go to sleep even though Rachel wants me to write more. Tomorrow, we are going to ride about 35 miles. It is supposed to be an easy ride, but it is also supposed to be hot. Hopefully, we will get an early start and beat the heat. Well, that is it for today. Keep reading our blog! I think this week is going to be an adventure.

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