Romario reflects on Day 2

Hello. This is Romario Jones, your blogger for day 2. This morning we woke up at 6:30 to eat  oatmeal with raisins, granola and bananas  and to pack our clothes. We had to pack everything before we could leave on our bikes.  When we were all ready to  leave Morgan Canoe Livery,  Rachel got a flat tire. After pumping her tires, we parted with Joaquin and Chuck and started on our 40 mile journey. Half way through our ride we met up with Chuck to refill our water and gatorade.  Chuck lives in Ohio and helps out with this trip every year.  We continued onward to Xenia where we stopped for lunch and rejoined Joaquin. Thanks to our leader for the day, we lost the bike path for a quick second, but we got back on and made it to our campsite in Yellow Springs.  Everyone in Ohio said hi to us while we were riding today.  People don’t say hi like that in New York.

When we got to the campsite,  we had to pitch our tents quickly so that we could go to a pool.  At the pool, we had a diving contest, which I won by doing a backflip, a frontflip and a twister.  After swimming, we took showers because there are none at the campsite.  Back at the campsite, Angie, Chris and Tariq made us dinner.  They made stir-fry with chicken and veggies.  It was better then the dinner we had last night.  After dinner, everyone got tired and just wanted to sleep.  I slept in my tent until I was told to get up and lead the discussion.  We got lemonade and oranges for the discussion tonight because we all felt so tired from the sun and the ride.  Because everyone was feeling bad, I asked how we could feel better tomorrow.  We all agreed we needed more games and need to drink more water.  We also think we should get our i-pods at night but Rachel said not to think about it anymore because we are not allowed to have any electronics.  Even though we did not do any Underground Railroad stuff today, we got an idea of how it might feel to travel in the hot sun all day.  Like I already said, we were so tired tonight and slaves running away from their masters must have been just as tired as we were.

Tomorrow, we have to ride 60 miles so we all decided that we should get up earlier.  Earlier means at 6am so we can leave by 7am.  I think we are going to see fireworks and have a big dinner at a church tomorrow.  Well, that is all from me.  Thank you for reading our blog and good night.

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