Marcel reflects on Day 5

Today is the 6th day of our journey through Ohio to explore the Underground Railroad. We all woke up at 6 this morning and took showers in the locker rooms. After, everyone packed up their bags and put them into the van. For breakfast everyone had oatmeal and cereal, a very healthy breakfast for a 35 mile ride in the hot Ohio sun.

Today was a very good day for everyone. We all stayed together and no one was left behind unlike yesterday when we split up a few times. Our leader for the day was Tariq who got us to our destination very fast. We got through 15 miles in 1 hour 30 minutes. We  made a stop at a fire house to use the bathroom. The firefighters were very nice people which is something I have noticed often here in Ohio.  Everyone is very friendly. Every time we ride by bikers they say “good morning”.

After the firehouse, the rest of the ride was easy. We stopped at a church after another 10 miles to eat lunch. For lunch we had sandwiches. I find it really great that churches let people stop and have a break.  After another 10 miles, we reached Kokosing Campgrounds.

When we got to Kokosing, the campground was pretty full. We setup our camp next to a fire place so later we could make hot dogs.  Romario,  Chris and I were fighting over who gets to sleep where. After we finished putting up the tents we got ready to go swim inside the lake. The lake was the perfect scene. The water was warm, the breeze was blowing and everyone was having fun. I spent about 1 hour in the lake. Something was nibbling on everyones foot. I jumped out of the lake once I felt it.  Later, we found out the lake is full of snapping turtles. After we got out,  we went and took showers. The showers were the best I have ever seen. The water was nice and hot. Now the day is almost over and everyone is just enjoying the weather and the company of each other.

We started the fire and started to roast some hot dogs on the fire. The hot dogs were great. A lot of people kept dropping the hot dogs inside the fire.  Then we made some s’mores which were really good. I felt like it was a good moment for everyone because we really came together. I was also  the discussion leader tonight.  I asked some very interesting questions such as how are people in Ohio different then in New York and what is one thing that you would change about this trip. The answers were very funny! Every time we sit and talk there is a great debate. Now that the day is over we are just relaxing with each other.

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