Angie reflects on Day 6

Hi, my name is Angie Williams. I am your blogger today. Today is July 7th , which is also the 7th day of our biking trip. Today we rode a 30 mile ride. This ride was much more hilly then the others we have experienced so far. My fellow bikers thought it was going to be a peace of cake which so did I. We made a big mistake, it was the most tiring ride I had experienced in this whole trip. The hills were so huge, it was incredible how we got to the top of them. The group leader today was Marcel, it was amazing how he tackled those hills; I was so proud of him.

Today we ate lunch a little earlier than other days to fuel us up for those hills. When going up the hills, I stopped a while and felt I couldn’t go anymore, but my fellow biker, Javier, took my backpack and stayed with me to see if I was alright. He even let me borrow his asthma pump when I told him I had asthma and haven’t used the pump for a while. When I used the pump, I felt much better and felt that it was what I needed. I will always remember that he did that for me.

When we finally came  to the camp site, we were so excited because there was a beach. It was a long walk to the beach, but it was worth the walk. We knew we were going to have lots of fun when we got there.  I didn’t swim today, but I did find some swings by the beach which made me so happy because I love to swing.  I spent the whole time swinging.

When it was time to walk back to our campsite,  Chuck, Rachel, Josh, and Joaquin had a surprise for us.  Chuck had brought a water game.   The water game was composed of little balls that were called splash bombs. We put them in water and then got a big slingshot which we used to throw the balls. I had so much fun throwing the balls.

Now its the end of the day and we are making dinner.   I hear we are making rice and beans with salsa and chips. I am so excited about the rice and beans. I love them.

Now I am going to talk about the personal fun I’ve been having. I’ve been getting to know everyone these past few days, which kinda seems like forever. The boys all seem funny, and joke all the time. If you didn’t know, there are only two girls on the trip ( I’m not including Rachel). I’ve been getting to know the other girl, her name is Mariah, and she seams very nice. Mariah and I stay up at night and talk a whole lot. We have so many laughs together. I consider her my friend. I would love to continue this friendship in school.

I have been away from home now for  almost 7 days and I really miss my family (even though I’m having so much fun). The best part of my day is when I get to call my dad and tell him how much fun I’m having. I just wanna see him and his smile, the smile I love and that I always see on his face.  Tomorrow is my turn to navigate and be the leader.   I’m very nervous but I have faith that I can do it. Wish me luck!

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