Albert reflects on Day 8

Hello! My name is Albert Garcia and I just finished with my sophomore year in high school.  I am going to tell you about how I led a bike team with seven student cyclists and four adults.   We went on a 15-mile bike ride from a campsite to Oberlin, Ohio.  My day yesterday was great because I experience new things like how hard it is to be a leader.  I also dealt with not having my glasses because they broke, so it was hard to see during the ride. During the ride I had help from many others that knew and saw better than me.  There were also many adults that looked over many of us.

There were many new experiences and I learned many new things that leaders do that many don’t understand.  I experienced how hard traffic is while you try to lead a group of students by checking to see who was missing and stopping at stop signs. I saw that there are actually drivers and people that care so much for people while you ride your bike through hard traffic. I suffered a knee injury because of going too quickly on the bike, but thanks to the adults I made it to Oberlin and finished.  I also saw many believers that fought hard through a long path of one week and 250 miles total, biking an amount of 30-40 miles per day.  I saw many hugs; laughs, joy, smiles, honor, respect, and most of all friendship grow.

Once we reached Oberlin all eight of us students wanted to relax, go to the Water Park, and sleep.  In Oberlin we did a lot of things.  First, I led our discussion, which I guess was my favorite one of all because that is one that people will remember.  Second, we all thanked and said goodbye to a good pal adult named Chuck that was part of the journey biking with us.  We took pictures and had fun before arriving at the Oberlin Inn.  At the hotel, we cleaned up the van, put the bikes back, and checked in so we could leave our stuff to return and go to the water park.

At Splash Zone we first played basketball, which was a good game for me because I scored 7 points first game and Josh was really scoring points but our team lost.  The second game I was on fire by getting rebounds, steals, and points, and we got to a fast run.  Josh was getting rebounds like nothing and also shooting nicely.  We won by many.  I got on both water slides.  The blue one was not scary but went quickly, and the white one was completely dark and you only see blue when you get down quickly. The pool was cool but low.  I could swim a little (not much) and the water was warm.

After the Splash Zone we had pizza for dinner.   It tasted good while we watched the Mets game.  The Mets won YEAH!  After that a few hours later about 8pm I went and explored Oberlin and found a good smoothie place and candy store AWESOME.

This week we had many great opportunities that were very important for this trip. I learned about the Underground Railroad, that it was hard for freedom seekers to escape and many tried but had to leave families.  I also learned about some that disguised themselves to escape from slavery and some had skills and used their money to buy freedom.

This week I learned how to trust some people if you really give them the opportunity to let them know you. I did well in my part because at the start of this trip I didn’t really talked to any of the others that went and they didn’t know me. As the week went by almost all of us got along well.  There were a few problems but we overcame.  It is tough to be camping and sleeping in tents but we all made it…YEAH YEAH YEAH!!!!!

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