Joel reflects on Day 6

Hey, my name is Joel. Today I will be explaining to you what our biking group accomplished today. It was my turn to lead and being the leader, especially on this crazy, rainy and hot day, was very challenging and difficult.

In the morning, we were all woken up by the rain tapping on the tops of our tents. I was pretty annoyed at the fact that it was early and the tent was getting all wet and muddy. I was pulled from the paradise of my dream by my “wonderful” teacher, Josh and his foot. After rolling up my sleeping bag, we were ambushed by waves and waves of wind that were pretty intimidating. It looked like it was going to rain really hard and guess what… IT DID! I was happy to see water fall from the sky because it meant we weren’t going to bike today. I really love biking, but we have all been so tired and hot that a day off would be great. We loaded the van and got into it to wait for the storm to pass by.  I kind of dozed off listening to music and fell into another deep sleep. Yet again, I was woken by my “wonderful” teacher, Josh, and his hand.

The rain stopped and most of us had a plan to rebel and stay in the van and not bike. Sadly, most of us gave in and were forced to bike. Some were reluctant at first but eventually we all had to face the facts that our “wonderful” teachers were not going to let us stay in the van. So we just got up and biked, like any other day. Thank God the sun wasn’t out but the rain on the ground kept getting picked up from the wheels making our clothes dirty and uncomfortable. Most of the ride was flat and in my perspective, things were going pretty awesome. Until… we got onto Route 603.

The road looked peaceful and there wasn’t much traffic, which was a good thing. The minute we turned left onto Route 603, I think I wanted to just puke up my breakfast. We went up a not-so-steep hill and when we turned the corner, there was a MONSTER hill awaiting our arrival. We took a short water break and began our trek into what was the most unpleasant bike ride one can imagine. I took all the motivation our “wonderful” teacher gave us and went up like a champion. But then my knee began to hurt again. The past few days it has been irritating me and I couldn’t withstand the pain for much longer. I stopped at the top of the hill to see the view. There wasn’t much to see because there were another few MONSTER hills tormenting all of us. It wasn’t easy but we all managed to make it past them in one piece.The ride after those MONSTER hills was pretty easy after that. We had lunch a few miles away from the campsite. I felt pretty weak after lunch because of the MONSTER hills. I didn’t give up though. My “wonderful” teachers kept encouraging me to keep moving forward and luckily I managed to make it to the campsite in one piece… Barely.

The campsite had a nice view of the Charles Lake but too bad we couldn’t camp near it! What did make my radiant smile come back was the fact that there were showers and a pool! I took a good dive in the pool and stayed in as long as possible until my “wonderful” teacher, Rachel, had to take us out and ruin my one moment of joy out of the whole day. We walked back to camp and began to cook.

As I sit here and write this I can tell you that this biking trek is no joke!!! You MUST have a stable mentality and keep it like that the whole time through. Don’t ever give up and just keep pedaling.

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