Allan reflects on Day 5

Hey this is Allan, the tallest biker here.  I am going to give my little reflection on today.

It seemed like a pretty productive day, but it could have been better in some ways.  I’ll start with the morning.  The morning was pretty slow at the start, I mean everybody was tired and did NOT want to get up and out of their tents. But I believe I did pretty well because I wanted to get out of there and leave early because…I WAS LEADING TODAY!

After eating breakfast and fixing small things on other people’s bikes, Chuck led the way out of a crazy intersection and on to Bowtown Road. After that, he just left us to continue on to Fredricktown. In between all that mileage (40 something miles, AGAIN!!!), there were only HILLS and cornfields. Ohio would not need to make a motocross track, they can just send people on the same path that we took!

It was definitely not my best day. It seemed I got a lot more agitated than usual. I’m going to be honest, I wanted to throw my bike across the U.S. and shatter my helmet.  It think it was a combination of being HOT and how slowly we were riding.  I think it is worse to ride slowly because you have to be in the heat longer.  I tried to ride faster at the beginning, but everyone rides at a different pace and we often had to slow down to wait for people. Rachel told us these last few days have been the hottest she has experienced here.

After we made it to Sparta, we stopped for lunch at a nearby church. I think this was when I fully believed I snapped out of reality. I got extremely dizzy and I could barely sit up straight. I did not want to touch the bike or any biking gear. But I got a full bottle of Gatorade, which fired up my energy levels and allowed me to lead at least a little bit until I got tired and once again fell back in the line. But finally we made it to the campgrounds…WHICH HAD AMAZING SHOWERS!

The evening seemed pretty fine so far. We made hot dogs for dinner on an open fire and I ate half a bag of tortilla chips and chunky salsa (It was amazing). And were making s’mores now.

Oh and I almost forgot, the trip has been really interesting. A lot of people’s true colors were shown on this trip. Some people have a smaller fuse and some have the patience of a golf spectator. Anyways, this trip has been a very unique experience so far.  The Underground Railroad stuff we have seen has been pretty cool, even though US History is not my favorite history.  But, the most interesting part has been dealing with the challenge of the heat and the long rides and having to work with a group of people I didn’t really know very well until now.

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