Armani reflects on Day 4

My name is Armani Sewell and today we hade pancakes, orange juice, and eggs. It was good. Today’s ride was to Josh’s old collage, Ohio Wesleyan.  I think the ride was 40 something miles.  I was the leader and it was hard because of the heat.  It just kept getting hotter even though we got up at 5:30am to beat the heat. My nose started to bleed at lunch, which made me feel dizzy.  Josh and Rachel kept saying we were almost there (We were not).

I thought it was really hard to be the group leader because I had to go faster in order for everyone to be happy.  Going downhill was easy though and I finally went down the hills without using brakes the whole time.

When we finally got to Ohio Wesleyan, we had a tour of the college.  It was ok.  I saw a huge piano or maybe it was an organ.  We also saw some dorms and got free sunglasses.

When the dinner crew was making dinner, I went to the bike shop with Chuck and Joaquin.  In the bike shop, I saw a bike that can hold two people and some crazy gloves with spikes on them.  After dinner, we walked into town and got giant ice-cream cones.  I had vanilla and cookies and cream.

I feel like the trip will help us get over some of our habits that are hard to stop.  For me, I think I will get better at getting up early because usually I like to sleep till the afternoon.  I also feel like I can get to know these people that are around me and understand them.  I didn’t know any of them before deciding to come on this trip and I now I am spending all this time with them.

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