Isaias reflects on Day 3

This is Isaias! Today was really fun but a little tiring. First we slept in a church with an air conditioner, FINALLY! It wasn’t hot anymore and we get to sleep in here again tonight. After getting up in the morning, which I hate because I usually get up in the afternoon, we made a delicious breakfast of oatmeal and bagels. It doesn’t sound good but it was delicious.

When we finished eating breakfast, everybody was ready to go on this 48-mile ride to Mechanicsburg and back. We were excited to have a couple of people ride with us today.  Pam, Greta and Rod all came from other parts of Ohio to spend the day riding with us.  This ride started out great because it was my turn to lead and I kept a great pace. Even though I was doing so great, the heat was unbearable and since I didn’t get enough sleep last night I was pretty exhausted. We biked a little over 24 miles to the great little town of Mechanicsburg. Once we arrived, we were greeted by some wonderful people. Ellen Seward and the Mayor of the town treated us so well and I loved the story about how the town was named. I loved the story because it was kind of romantic.

We also heard how Mechanicsburg didn’t support slavery and many people who lived there were involved in the Underground Railroad. Ellen told us the story about Addison White, who was a freedom seeker who escaped and ended up in Mechanicsburg.  While he was being hidden in a hotel, he started sending letters to his family and one of them got intercepted by a slave catcher and they found out where he was so they went to go find him. When they found him, everybody in the town went to go help with all types of weapons and basically made the slave catchers run away. When the slave catchers came back, everybody in town raised money to buy Addison’s freedom, so he was freed. I thought that story was amazing! I was really surprised by how the town helped and cared about someone who wasn’t white.  Addison brought danger to the town by just being there but in the end they helped him anyway.

After that great time in Mechanicsburg, we headed out for a 24 mile ride back to the church where there was delicious food waiting for us. Once we ate and talked to all the awesome people who were part of the congregation, we then proceeded into playing some fun games. After I conquered all the games, we started singing great songs and playing guitar and I was the best singer of course.  We then started playing baseball and I hit a 3 run homerun for my team. That was the last thing I did today.  In a bit, I will be leading a discussion and I think it will be the best. Overall today was a good day. I give it an 8 out of 10 since the ride was so tiring.  But, the day was really fun and interesting.

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