Diana reflects on Day 2

Hey, this is Diana and you are on Diana’s blog!!!!!!!! You should be excited because this is a great opportunity to read about our journey across OHIO!!!! So,  get yourself comfortable and grab a seat cause you are going to be entertained.

Right now is day 3 of our amazing trip. And so far its been a blast! We laughed , we even made fun of each other. This is how it all started…. We woke up at 5:30 in the morning, (delightful isn’t it ). The reason why we had to wake up extremely early is because we had to bike to our next destination, which was our next camp site. We biked 40 miles! Fantastic right! Wait, it gets better.  I led the whole way which means I could not stop or slow down until we arrived at our stop.

6 hours later….. and ….. we finally arrived!!!!!! When we arrived, it was so hot that we decided to take a dip, so we went to the pool. It was fun….but we only LASTED there for 30 minutes because we heard thunder and the life guards kicked everybody out( RUDE!).  We decided to go back to our new camping site and we played football while the guys cooked……UNTIL …. WE HEARD……more…THUNDER!!! I assumed it wasn’t a big deal, so we continued to play. But the one drop of rain became Niagara Falls with loads of wind. We ran like track stars to the van and stayed there. But there was one problem , RACHEL’S  TENT -___-, ( oh yeah I made the face). Rachel didn’t secure her tent down so  it was flying all over the place, LITERALLY.  Yours truly had to chase the tent with some of the other bikers.  AND RACHEL WAS LAUGHING AND WATCHING….., (EXCUSE ME MISS APPLE, DON’T YOU RECALL , THIS IS YOUR TENT…..)  But I was the BIGGER person and helped with the tent. When we put the tent away we had to get all the tents, because our things were drowning.  We packed everything back into the truck, even the bikes.  So we basically biked 40 miles for NOTHING, yes NOTHING, just for a far away campsite.  We had to leave camp and drive to our next destination, a CHURCH (Hallelujah) because the storm was so bad. (the good thing is that our 60 mile ride for tomorrow is now going to be shorter!)`  When we were driving, there were trees down and a power-line across the road!

Now I’m at this church, typing about our day.  We had a long and tiring day, but the most important thing about this day was spending time with friends , talking about how difficult the day has been, and laughing about it.  Oh yeah, the church had no electricity when we arrived so we had to make dinner by candle-light.  We all sat around the table together and talked about the day, embarrassing moments, movies we like and hate and other things.  Right at the end of dinner, the power came back on! I think overall, the best part of the day was all of us working together to get things done.  I’m SO PROUD.

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